Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling

Here is a step-by-step procedure for adding a new content page:

  • Develop your page in your personal Sandbox (if needed, see How to create your own sandbox. Work on your draft page until you are ready to create a new public content page. Then highlight all of the new content page and copy it to your browser's clipboard.
  • Next, go to an existing page from which you would like to create a link to your new page. Click on the Edit tab at the top of the page ... which will cause the editing screen for that page to be displayed.
  • At the position where you want a link to appear, insert a new line with a link to your new page, thus: [[New Page Title]]. Be sure to use double brackets as shown. This is the code for a link to another page within the Wiki.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of editing screen display and click on Show preview.
  • In the preview, you will see the link to your new page that you added. It will be colored a brownish red and will be underlined. If you are sure that you want this link to be established, click on the Save button.
  • Find your new link and click on it. The editing screen for your new page will be displayed.
  • On the editing screen display for your new page, paste the content of your new page, which you copied from the Sandbox to your clipboard.
  • Preview the page. You may save it. However, it is recommended to assign one or more categories to the page - see the next section.

Assigning categories to a page[]

  • Categories is a concept that helps users to find relevant information and navigate on the site. Preferably, one or more categories should be assigned to each page. The steps involved are as follows:
    At the bottom of your content, indicate the category to which your new page should belong by inserting a line with code such as this:
[[Category:Pet topic]]
    or this:
[[Category:Model evaluation]]
    or this:
[[Category:Dispersion models]]
To make assignment of categories easier, the page Help on Categories provides access to a list of the exact codes to be used (specifically for the Atmospheric Dispersion Wiki).
  • If you want your new page to appear in more than one category, add one line of code (such as the above) for each category. In the above code lines, you must enter the category names exactly as they are named, including which letters are capitalized and which are not capitalized, or the coding will not work.
  • Finally, press the Save button at the bottom of the editing screen for the new page. If you subsequently wish to correct or revise any part of your new page, simply press the Edit tab for the new page and make your changes.

Using Preview[]

As you are adding content to the editing screen of your new page while developing it in your Sandbox, you will probably want to see what it looks like occasionally. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the editing screen and click on Show preview.

After you have looked at the preview, scroll down to below the preview and you will be back at the editing screen again.

When you have finished adding content (or some substantial part of it) and you must use your computer for some other tasks or you must shut down your computer, you should scroll to the bottom of the editing screen and click on Save page. When you return to add more content or to revise your content, click on the Edit tab at the top of your new page and proceed to work on it.

Important: If you should leave the editing screen or preview screen of your new page to perform other tasks on the computer, or if you shut down the computer, without saving the page ... you will lose all of your current editing up to that point.

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