Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling

The Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand (CASANZ) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization formed in the 1960's to bring together people with an interest in clean air and the study of air pollution. Its focus has since grown to include broader environmental management affairs, but with special emphasis on air quality and related issues.

As of October 2005, the society had 836 members (683 in Australia, 140 in New Zealand, and 13 in other countries).

Activities promoting environmental protection[]

CASANZ promotes the protection of the environment by a variety of activities, including:

  • Advancement of knowledge and practical experience of environmental and air quality management.
  • Providing an organization which gathers and distributes the experience and knowledge of its members.
  • Providing lectures, exhibitions, public meetings and conferences that expand knowledge of environmental matters and, in particular, air quality — including causes, effects, measurement, legislative aspects and control of air pollution.
  • Liaison with organizations having similar interests in other countries.
  • Providing scholarships, monetary grants, awards and prizes to encourage the study of relevant subjects.

The operation and governing of CASANZ[]

CASANZ operates through autonomous branches which determine their own programs of activities, including technical meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, training courses, etc. Details of these activities are circulated to branch members and posted on the society's online web site.

CASANZ is governed by an Executive Committee consisting of:

  • An elected Executive Director
  • Other officers and representatives nominated by the branches.

The Executive Committee manages the day to day activities of the society and directs the work of the Executive Director.

Modelling Special Interest Group (MODSIG)[]

CASANZ has a Modelling Special Interest Group (MODSIG) whose objective is to bring together CASANZ members who have an interest in the development and/or application of atmospheric dispersion modeling in order to exchange ideas, identify common problems, inform members of new developments, and establish, as appropriate, a 'ModSIG view' on issues of relevance.

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