This page lists some important entry points to experimental data sets. Here, links to compilations of data sets are given.

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Experimental data sets: Top-level page in hierarchy on data sets.

List of individual data sets: Lists links to information on individual data sets (not compilations).

Forum for individual data sets: Findings related to data sets can be reported in detail.

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  • List of individual data sets. A separate page on this Wiki, providing a list of links to data sets.
  • CODASC - Concentration Data of Street Canyons. A data base comprising traffic pollutant concentrations of > 40 generic urban street canyons with avenue-like tree planting. The experiments have been performed in an atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel at the Institute for Hydromechanics of the University of Karlsruhe/Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).
  • DAM: Data sets for Atmospheric Modelling. A Web site providing information on and access to experimental data sets relevant for dispersion modellers More than 100 data sets are catalogued. The Web site resides at the European Joint Research Centre at Ispra.
  • CEDVALis a compilation of mainly wind tunnel data sets that can be used for validation of numerical dispersion models. The compilation is managed by the wind tunnel research group of the Meteorological Institute at the University of Hamburg
  • The Model Validation Kit developed in the context of the initiative on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes includes 4 data sets - as well as tools for model evaluation that have been widely used internationally. The data sets represent classic cases where where a single source emits a tracer towards several arcs of monitors (Kincaid, Indianapolis, Copenhagen, Lillestrom).
  • Atmospheric Transport and Diffusion Data Archive Concerns data from past tracer and meteorological field experiments (Prairie Grass, Round Hill, Green Glow, Minnesota 1973 etc.). Established by John Irwin (retired from the US EPA), spring 2010. Also contains material on model evaluation.

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