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Atmospheric Dispersion Models

Role of the present wiki

Only few atmospheric dispersion models have web sites where the user community of a model can exchange experiences. The present wiki can provide such a forum for any model that has an active user community. In order to establish such a forum, or contribute to it, proceed to the page listing Individual models

Another role of the wiki is to provide entry to information on a large number of models. It allows both model users and model developers to contribute with information.

Overview of models

There are atmospheric dispersion models of many different types - all sorts of simple models as well as complex models. In a given situation it may be justified to use a simple model - it all depends on the conditions. A model should be fit for the purpose for which it is applied.

There are numerous ways to classify models (e.g., they can be classified according to the policy issue they address). Examples: industrial pollution, urban air quality, nuclear emergencies, chemical emergencies, climate change, etc.

Another option is to to classify models according to model concept. Examples: Gaussian models, Eulerian models, Lagrangian models, receptor models, etc.

There are several other schemes for the classification of dispersion models.
The Model Documentation System, managed by the European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change (which is a Centre in the framework of European Environment Agency), is a searchable data base of dispersion models, with a structured description of each model. In the data base, models are classified according to several schemes. The Model Documentation System is a good place to start if you look for information about a model with certain capabilities, or if you look for a description of one or several models.

The Model Documentation System is not limited to European models, although at present European models dominate the data base.

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