Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling

Role of the present wiki

Web sites with data sets on atmospheric dispersion are plentiful.

The present site is intended to have at least two roles in respect to data sets:

  • The site provides an entry to other sites where data sets can be obtained. The big potential of this site is that anybody can add links to repositories of data sets, as well as to individual data sets. Therefore, the site has the potential to become more comprehensive than a site maintained by a single web master. However, it does not include a structured search function.
  • It provides an open forum where users of a data set can report their experience. Typically, data sets have pitfalls, such as data errors or insufficient documentation. Here is an opportunity to learn from other users of a data set. In order to establish a forum for a particular data set, or contribute to it, proceed to the page entitled Forum for individual data sets

Data set repositories

There is a separate web page listing important entry points to experimental data sets (compilations of data sets, such as DAM, CEDVAL, US EPA data sets, the Model Validation Kit). The page is entitled Data set repositories.

Forum for individual data sets

Users of a data set can report their experience through the page entitled Forum for individual data sets.