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A combination warrior, merchant, lawyer, and religious zealot, slavebreakers live and breathe for one purpose: to free slaves. Slavebreakers believe that every being is born free and deserves to stay that way. For this principle slavebreakers have fought and died for thousands of years.

Much of a slavebreaker's training is in the legal and mercantile tradition of the domains they patrol, because their intent is to find a peaceful solution to all disputes - even those so deeply entrenched as that between a slave and his master. This means that oftentimes a slavebreaker knows much more about slavery than the slavers themselves, and generally try to use this to their advantage. Where this fails, the slavebreaker will make an attempt to negotiate with the owners in trade or goods they've collected over the course of their travels. 

If this too fails, the slavebreaker will free the slave by force, which accounts for why - in addition to consumate lawyers and merchants - each slavebreaker is a deadly warrior.  A common phrase among slavers: "Turn away a slavebreaker once, if you must. The second time take whatever he offers you. There won't be a third offer."


Slavebreakers originated in ancient dwarven society during a time when their world-spanning empire was built on slave labor. Their movement grew, and with it their political power, until slavery was abolished. But the slavebreakers - in their zeal - saw other forms of ownership: creatures from other planes pressed into service, workers paid wages that made it impossible to leave. The slavebreakers pushed, and became more fanatical. Violence arose as some questioned the loyalty of any person who would intentionally free a demon or the like.

Dwarven society fractured, though many believe the slavebreakers were only the wedge in the already-cracked masonry. The dwarven empire fell into ruin: what remained of their holds a shadow of their former glory.

The slavebreaker society persisted, but their numbers never grew beyond a few dozen. To this day they continue to scour all of Tyr to give freedom to all.

In Paisuran SocietyEdit

Slavebreakers exist as a small organization seperate from the body politic of the Paisuran Empire, neither sanctioned nor reprimanded. Few in number, the criss-cross the empire, rooting out enslaved peoples and destroying slavers where they can find them. Slavery of the prime races - humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, and gnomes - was outlawed at the founding of the empire, but in truth these were never a problem in those domains. Slavebreakers exist for the people on the fringers: the underrepresented races: drow, orcs, and the like. 

A deal was struck with the slavebreaker society and the empire during its founding: slavebreakers would remain unmolested so long as they kept to the laws and to their code, set down centuries beforehand. This arrangement has lasted undisturbed for a thousand years. 

Every so often a slavebreaker will stop into a justicar station, drop off the documents proving someone owned slaves and the documents showing they made a good faith effort to buy them, and will calmly inform the justicar that the owner no longer has a head. To which all justicars have been trained to record in their log books and go about their day.