Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling
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NILU, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, is one of the leading specialized scientific laboratories in Europe dealing solely with problems related to air pollution. NILU has a staff of scientists, engineers and technicians with specialized expertise for working on air pollution problems. The staff do more than two hundred projects annually for: research councils; industries; international banks; and local, national and international authorities and organizations.

Fields of work[]

NILU was founded in 1969 and the institute conducts environmental research with emphasis on the sources of air pollution and on air pollution dispersion, [1][2] transport, transformation and deposition. It is also involved in the assessment of the effects of pollution on ecosystems, human health and materials. Integrated environmental assessments and optimal abatement strategy planning has been a field of priority during the last few years. Assessment of transboundary transport of air pollutants, acid rain and global air quality are important tasks.

NILU has the responsibility as a national research institution for air pollution in Norway and is also being used as an international air pollution expert by the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and the World Health Organization.

NILU has developed an automatic surveillance program for air quality in cities and background areas. NILU have specialized in computerized automatic air pollution surveillance, planning and optimal abatement strategy planning. This AirQUIS system is an air pollution management and planning system designed for managers and decision-makers.


NILU's head office is at Kjeller on the outskirt of Oslo in Norway. A specialised office for Arctic related matters is an integrated part of the Polar Environmental Centre in Tromsø.


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