Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling

RIMPUFF is a local scale puff diffusion model developed by Risø National Laboratory, Denmark.[1]

RIMPUFF provides detailed real-time simulation of atmospheric dispersion in account of local variability in wind, turbulence and dispersion. Puff diffusion and deposition is formula-based (turbulence-parameterized). The puffs dispersion parameters are optionally based on instantaneous instant puff-diffusion (no averaging), or similarity-theory scaled (corresponding to plume averaging-times in the range from ~10 minutes to 1 hour). Wet and dry deposition depend on rain intensity and local turbulence levels, respectively.

RIMPUFF is in operational use in several European national emergency centres for preparedness and prediction of nuclear accidental releases (RODOS, EURANOS), chemical gas releases (ARGOS), and for airborne Foot-and Mouth Disease virus spread (cf. the UK 2001 FMD Epidemic).[2]


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