Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling

Rules of conduct for the wiki on Atmospheric Dispersion[]

For a traditional web site, a webmaster has the task of updating the contents.

A wiki is different: Everybody who has something useful to add are encouraged to add contents.

Thus, you may add contents to existing pages, change contents, and create new pages. It adds credibility to your contributions if you can be identified. See the page Please identify yourself !.

Show respect towards other contributors[]

However, when you contribute, please consider that contents should be reasonably structured. Also, show respect towards other contributors. For some pages - notably those with 'pet topics' of individual researchers - you should not change the author's wording, but you can add small comments or links pointing to comments of your own.

If you consider changing the structure of the wiki and are in doubt whether you should do this, you may consult the founder of the wiki on Atmospheric Dispersion.

What content is sought?[]

It is not necessary to repeat detailed information that can already be found somewhere else on the Web. However, it does make sense to remind people that the information exists - and to make them aware of where they can find it.

And it certainly makes a lot of sense to point to pitfalls: What are the issues that others should pay particular attention towards?

Who wrote what?[]

The majority of the content on this site represents the result of a collaborative effort, where several people each have provided small contributions. The authors should normally not indicate their name in the text; however, they can be identified by clicking the History tab (on top of each page).

On the other hand, some contributions (e.g. the certain pages under Pet topics) are written by an individual author and present subjective views; for such pages it is relevant that the author indicates his name in the text.

For help on editing a page: See Help:Contents